The White House

The sparkling white house 'Kalua' often catches my eye on the way to work in the morning. You may have noticed a few more P&O style homes around Sydney. As the name suggests, the style of house grew inspiration from the grand ocean liners. With curved white walls, long sundecks and elegant deco windows, the homes stood out against the standard cottage of the 1930's and 40's - it was very different to any style Australian suburbia had seen before. If I am ever fortunate enough to refurbish a home with history, Chippendale Restorations in Rozelle will be my one-stop-shop for original fittings. We don't make houses like we used to, that's for sure.


  1. Like you I find these houses fascinating. I have seen one in the main street in Berry, complete with porthole windows and a winding staircase on the outside. Worthwhile looking for it whenever you venture down the south coast (as you do).

  2. Yes, I do remember that one. That's another beautiful home.

  3. Gorgeous! I love walking through old neighbourhoods, checking out beautiful heritage homes. They are becoming fewer, sadly, here in Vancouver.
    Can't wait to wander the streets of Sydney this Christmas!

  4. I will have to email you a list of suburbs to put on your walking around list! Briar

  5. I so love this house .... and I know that house in Berry, it is so great !!!

  6. On opening your website this morning, as I regularly do, 'The White House' popped out at me with surprise as we have a beach villa named 'the White House' which is situated an hours drive from Cape Town, South Africa. I urge your bloggers to take a look on www.thewhitehousepearlbay.com - we would love to have a comment from an Australian in our guest book!


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