Sweets Workshop

You should try and visit here. Sweets Workshop has opened in my old stomping ground of Summer Hill. (More on the special Sydney suburb another day). Opened a few weeks ago, the retail art gallery stocks a range of art, jewellery and gift ware. I left with a book of Anney B's 'Cornycopia' illustrations, and I still have my eye on the screen prints by Kate Banazi. The workshop's identity/postcard is a work of art in itself - created by the very talented owners, Emma and John. It also looks as if they like rubber stamps as much as I do.


  1. Wow, I just found your blog through homelove and have been lost in it for ages. So lovely.

  2. What a nice comment! Thanks, Kerry. I just checked out your blog too - it's very impressive. I like your writing style - good sense of humour.

  3. thats my mate John's place, Ive yet to visit the finished product,
    cant wait! Briar's all over it!

  4. i love that pic of the man in the top hat :D x

  5. your blog & images are amazing!
    very inspiring
    enjoy the sunshine


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