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Being new to the blog world, I am just a little bit excited to get interviewed recently by fellow blogger, Natalie Walton at Daily Imprint. I have read her lovely blog for over a year now, so to pop up on it's pages is pretty wonderful. The cardboard globe above is an item that currently appears on our side table. It comes flat-packed (thank the husband for putting that puzzle together) from Telegram Paper Goods - a truly beautiful stationery distributor based in Melbourne, who supplies to all good paper shops around Australia.


  1. wow this globe is ace, I dont suppose you know if the shop you got it from would deliver internationally do you? My boyfriend loves globes and I think this would be a good present for him!
    Also, I really enjoy your blog, I'm studying film design at Uni and want to be a set dresser so its cool to find a prop buyers blog, I love all the pictures on here! :D

    I'm now a new follower :)



  2. Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for visiting my blog - being a set dresser is a great.
    job! The globe is made by a Japanese company 'Geografia'. I think
    this website would deliver internationally. Hope this helps! Briar x



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