Who was Mr Gardner?

He was certainly a man that travelled in style.
This is one of the purchases I am most proud of. It was a Saturday in 2006 when I handed over $15 to St Vincent De Paul in Chatswood, NSW. That afternoon, the travel case was introduced to our eclectic home as a storage chest where it has remained since. I love that vintage items pose this kind of question. When I buy a teapot from the 1960’s, I imagine the lady who previously enjoyed tea from it, when I find an Australiana tea towel with ‘Coffs Harbour 1978’ printed on it, I imagine the young family who hung out at the Big Banana that year.

‘Sunday Collector’ will be like a travel case that I fill with my finds and inspirations. I welcome you to share the journey with me.


  1. I love it Briar. Look forward to seeing so much more. Hannah x

  2. This will definitely become a daily read. Looking forward the next installment!

  3. What a truly wonderful site.... I have really enjoyed reading this today and look forward to daily posts!
    Nicola x

  4. I love Hornsea too Briar- great blog!! Georgie

  5. Your amazing!!! I love your blog...photos look brilliant! x


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