Saturday night in

I want to chat about the Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer. Every kitchen needs one. Seriously. We received a shiny cream one for our wedding 3 months ago, and our kitchen has been producing the extraordinary ever since. The dough needle for the mixer helps you make bread and pasta dough perfectly and quickly. These pictures were taken a few weekends ago when the husband made fresh ravioli, using his trusty Marcato Pasta Machine – with a recipe he learnt from Robin Murray, the chef at Centennial Restaurant in the Southern Highlands. Yep, I married a man who makes his own bread and pasta. What a keeper.


  1. Yum! there's nothing better than freshly made pasta. The shot of the sheets looks great

  2. I am waiting for the invite, looks great!

  3. Yum! I got a pale blue Kitchenaid for my birthday in November and LOVE it! I have become addicted to making cupcakes and my hubbie made bread using the dough hook yesterday, now he's converted :-)


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