Rachel & Rachel

Theming christmas gift wrapping is one of my favourite pastimes - and I delight in creating a personalised package for a birthday. My lovely friend Rachel turned 30 recently, and I set aside some time in the afternoon before her soiree to wrap the 'Heart' felt embroidery by the super talented artist, Rachel Castle.
Can you tell I am a little bit obsessed with rubber stamps at the moment? Ribbons deserve their own blog – and possibly their own cupboard soon. I’m getting quite the collection.
Handy Supplier: E&M Greenfield – there is a bargain bin at the checkout with discontinued braids and ribbons. Just lovely!


  1. I love that Moose Stamp! Where can I buy one?

  2. Such beautiful wrapping I didn't want to open it! But the Rachel is now on the wall in the heart of the house - my kitchen. Congratulations on the start of what I'm sure will be a beautiful blog! xx

  3. I purchased the stamp from http://www.typoshop.com.au/.
    Super cheap, about $4 from memory.

  4. Briar's gifts are always made more beautiful by her wrapping and attention to trimming and detail( a hallmark of the girl)!


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