Goodyear Shopping Guide

Pretty soon, I'm going to be saving $500 a year on fuel consumption*,  so I got thinking about what I could buy (as gifts and for little treats for myself) with that spare cash...and as you know I do love to compile a little gift guide on here, so here goes my 'just because I will have a spare $500 a year' guide.

1. Swim Club Bath Salts from Etsy 2. Ondri Juicer from Country Road 3. Candle from Maison Balzac 4. Kate Spade Black Spot Plate from Lark 5. Heart Knit Blanket from This Little Love 6. Ava Leather Espadrille from Seed 7. Nell Cushion from Country Road 8. Connie Lichti Tumbler from Gorman 9. Deliverance hand cream from Antipodes 10. Hello doormat from Freedom 11. Hand wash from Planet Luxe 12. Ondri Tumbler from Country Road

 * = Once a week or so, I'll get an email from a PR agency with a brand suggestion for a sponsored blog post.  I promise I only hit publish on posts about brands that I genuinely resonate with. When I received an email regarding Goodyear Tyres - I was ready to reply with a polite 'thanks but no thanks', as much as I know Goodyear is a reputable brand, I just don't possess a huge interest towards my tyres. But I decided to keep on reading, as I've never taken car safety more seriously now that I have the precious cargo that is Sunday, and I learnt that a set of the trusted Goodyear TripleMax can not only have the two of us on the road safely, they can also save me $500 on my annual fuel consumption (because of what they call 'rolling resistance improvement'). 

The cash saving certainly got me thinking... as you know, I just love a bargain! If I saved $500 every year on fuel, I could buy all the goodies above, I know they all fall in the 'want' category, and not the 'need' category...but a girl can dream, right?

How much money would you save by buying Goodyear TripleMax tyres? Check it out on their website. And then think of all the fun little treats you could buy yourself with that saved money...PLUS, you could WIN $500 by ‘liking’ Goodyear on Facebook. 

I hope you are all having a great week, 

Briar x


Five Things

Five things I've been loving lately: 

1. Cotton On is so handy for wardrobe basics for Sunny - and this cute cushion caught my eye recently. The fun pops of colour look great on our dark grey sofa, and it was only $29.95...which I think is pretty good for a cushion these days.
2. I haven't used a mask since the early 90's (when I used to nick my big sister's mud mask sachets), but I have to say I am totally converted to being a user again.  The Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask from Dermalogica has become a bit of a Sunday night ritual...it's amazing. 
3. A girlfriend gifted a delicious candle to me recently and I was so taken with the gorgeous packaging. The Scent of Home is a Melbourne based candle maker that also produces the most lovely brass vessel range..definitely on my radar now.
4. I swear Sunny gets better mail than me these days. Lovely Anna from TwentyOne Fifteen made her this sweet wire work heart. I'll be hanging this in her room soon. I'm gearing up for a bit of a makeover to her space to make room for her big girl bed - I'll keep you posted. 
5. Sorry to mention good packaging again, but that's the only reason I wanted a tube of Marvis toothpaste in my bathroom (it's amazing what some good product can do if you want to distract from less than perfect tiles). Direct from Florence, it's kind of old school, which is exactly why I love it. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, 

Briar x


My Food Bag

We scored a haul of groceries, all packaged beautifully in large paper bags from My Food Bag on Sunday night. It's a business that's already big in New Zealand, and has recently launched in Sydney....and one of those business ideas where you could say 'I wish I thought of that'. The Sunday night delivery takes the pre-work out of cooking gourmet dinners for the week ahead. Healthy recipes, along with perfectly measured fresh ingredients are delivered to your door. We chose the Gourmet package - which is described as being 'perfect for couples who love fresh food and enjoy exotic flavours'. It would be the perfect answer for a busy couple who appreciate cooking, but don't have time to get to the supermarket on the way home every night. If our two year old ate more than avocado on toast for dinner, we would have chosen the Family Bag - which provides five nights of ingredients for hearty meals for a family of 4 or 5 for $179.00.

Monday was the first night of giving one of the recipes a crack - and we chose Cambodian Fish A-Mok..pictured below. Tuesday night is Five-Spice Duck, Sweet Potato Mash, Pomegranate Sauce and Bok Choy...you get the idea...I'm talking about pretty fancy-pants food here. And yes, I could definitely get used to this. I hope you are all having a great week. Briar x



I've been a long time fan of the rugs from Armadillo&Co - purchasing my first three years ago. The colour range and patterns available in the bespoke Designer Collection is endless, and have come in handy recently for the residential projects I've been working on - as I've been ordering everything from extra wide striped hall runners to herringbone entrance mats. 

Every piece embraces fair trade practices, as explained on the website: "Rugs are crafted from sustainable natural fibres including pure wool, jute, cotton and hemp, and all purchases benefit local schools in our weavers’ villages".

You may have come across their unique Flower Weave Collection in your travels - hand woven from soft Bangladeshi natural hemp that is braided, coiled and hand stitched by Armadillo&Co's team of artisans in India. A new flower design, Daisy has joined the collection this month....and I think she's just gorgeous!

I'm excited to be able to run a giveaway over on Instagram this week, where a lucky follower will win a Daisy Rug. Petite and playful, Daisy is perfect in front of a doors, in front of the kitchen sink, next to the bed or in children's rooms - beside a cot, change table or rocking chair. Check out @sunday_collector on how to enter. 

Not one to enter a competition? You can shop the entire collection here

I hope you are all having a great week, 

Briar x


Gui Jorge Photography

I have been helping a Manly seaside hotel freshen up their hallways and lift foyers recently. While the walls and trims were receiving a fresh coat of white paint and the carpet was being replaced with a commercial grade and neutral grey, I commissioned the lovely photographer Gui Jorge to spend a day in Manly to take photos. I'm all too aware of 'hotel art gone wrong', so now the hotel has a unique library of high-res images to hang on their walls.  I picked up the first run of prints, 18 to start with - over sized and glossy (over a metre in width) and delivered them straight to the framers. I plan for these images to really stand out from the gallery style walls, and be a talking point for passing guests. I've chosen a contemporary frame style - a simple white timber moulding - with no mount board, and the photographs will be set back from the glass. I'll try and share some photos of the finished corridors (including some beautiful furniture from Fred International) when it's complete, it's been a fun job.

Briar x


A good lunch

Last weekend we had some family over to celebrate some recent birthdays, and as only my family know how - there was quite the food spread. At my sister's request, I dished up my corn (see the recipe here), and she pulled out all stops with the very sticky and delicious Gourmet Traveller pork ribs you see above - served with a side of Jamie Oliver's classic coleslaw and some roasted sweet potato. Bonnie the Baker came to the party too - with a delicious cake. See the recipe here

Try the ribs at home, you won't be sorry: 

Sticky Bourbon Pork Ribs


1.5 kg American-style pork spare ribs
Bourbon marinade:
400 gm canned whole tomatoes
150 gm brown sugar
125 ml (½ cup) each barbecue and tomato sauce
125 ml Kentucky bourbon
125 ml (½ cup) apple cider vinegar
60 ml (¼ cup) each Worcestershire and soy sauce


1. For bourbon marinade, process tomato in a food processor to a coarse pulp. Transfer to a bowl, add remaining ingredients, whisk to combine.
2. Place ribs in a non-reactive container, pour over marinade, cover and refrigerate overnight.
3. Preheat oven to 150C. Transfer ribs and sauce to two baking dishes, spreading in a single layer, then roast, covered and basting occasionally, until tender (3 hours). Remove ribs from marinade and set aside.
4. Transfer marinade to a saucepan, cook over medium heat until reduced to a glaze (10-20 minutes).
5. Preheat a char-grill pan over medium-high heat and grill ribs, turning and basting with reserved marinade, until glazed, charred and sticky (15 minutes). Slice ribs and serve hot.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Briar x


The Lost + Found Department

If you follow me on Instagram (@sunday_collector), you would have seen I was a bit excited about my visit to the The Beaches Market recently - held every Friday in Warriewood from 8am until 1pm. My cousin, who is a regular at the markets  - walked me around and gave me all the tips about her favourite fresh food suppliers. I ended up with enough food for a week, plus a bag of goodies from a stall I spotted at the very end of our visit. Silvia from The Lost + Found Department brings her wares to Warriewood and also to two markets in the Blue Mountains. I purchased a great set of hard wearing Falcon pie plates and  tumblers (I've been wanting some since my first visit to Kitchen By Mike - as I love how they serve lunch on enamel ware). Check out the gorgeous shop online - Silvia has a knack for sourcing seriously beautiful things.  I also picked up some 'natural food wraps' from the stall, made by Gingham & Wax. I'm so impressed with this product - not only do they look beautiful, they are good for the environment (say goodbye to gladwrap). Warmed with the touch of your hands, the different sized cloth becomes malleable to any dish, and washable in warm water. From the website, a quote by William Morris - which I hope to live more by:
"Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Briar x



I've been decorating a house on the Northern Beaches lately, and once the living room and master bedroom had been completed, my client asked me for some help the main bathroom. Inspired by the recently painted (white), original weatherboard cottage that's a short walk to the ocean, I was immediately drawn to a contemporary and coastal vibe, with a small nod to the traditional features of the home. My client also asked that it be 'inviting', not too fancy, while keeping a smallish budget in mind. Let me just say, it was a fun brief!

Shop the look at these places:
1. Tile the entire height of the bathroom walls for a more contemporary look - and you can buy these sweet matt white penny rounds from one of my favourite tile suppliers, Academy Tiles
2. Wall mounted wire shelves from West Elm give a slightly industrial edge for towel or bathroom product storage.
3. Speaking of bathroom product, I always recommend a good quality hand soap - small touches like that can take a simple bathroom to luxe very quickly. Buy Savon de Marseille here
4. I recommended the Bastow Georgian bath and shower set from Reece as I liked it's fine lines, and the compact design meant that the bath and shower can easily be combined in the small space.
5. I know a comfortable bath when I see one, and this simple freestanding design from Reece will blend in perfectly.  
6. A gorgeous mirror will make a subtle statement against the white tiled walls. 
7. Step away from the usual and boring oyster light fitting you so often find in bathrooms - and consider something like the gorgeous Azusa pendant from Schoolhouse Electric + Supply Co
8. Add a pop of colour that sits beautifully with grey and navy - with some fun yellow towels from Country Road
9. I love the traditional basin range available at the The English Tapware Company. If the bathroom had been a little larger, I would have recommended a set of his and hers...very decadent.
10. You can afford to have some fun with a shower curtain - as it's something that can be easily replaced. Buy the classic Stripe Shower Curtain here
11. A heated towel rail is the first thing I'll be selecting in my new bathroom when the time comes...in the meantime, my client will be buying one from here
12. I know an anchor is a very obvious seaside motif, but I couldn't resist the sweet Sea Anchor Bathmat from one of my favourite stores, Anthropologie

I hope you are all having a great week!

Briar x


Four Things

It's been a busy few weeks around here, but here are four things that have made me 'stop and smell the roses'. I'm loving:

1. Treat your head...check out the very cute hand printed pillowcases from I Love Linen. My pick is the fun pastel melon mania set, but the polka dot design is also a favourite. The website also has an amazing range of hotel bedding - my favourite type of bedding. 

2. Sunday scored this gorgeous alphabet book as a birthday present, and it has fast become a favourite (with me and her), purely for the gorgeous retro illustrations. Buy the board book, Alphablock here

3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I wish I had half the craft skills of my Mum. Sunday scored this beautiful hand knitted cardigan recently from her Nanny Les, and now I wish it was made it my size - just so cosy!

4. My very dear friend is due to have a baby soon, and we celebrated with a lovely baby shower last weekend. Her mum is also clever, and baked a delicious cake. How does one get the sprinkles so evenly on the cake? I wondered the same, so googled it - it's surprising how many people have addressed this very question. Watch the Youtube tutorial here

I hope you have all had a great week, 



Slow Roasted Lamb

It's been a few too many posts between recipes, so I thought it was about time I shared a meal idea on here. We have been guilty of digging in to the Sunday Collector archives and cooking up meals I've already shared on here - I'm talking about some of our old favourites such as:

Zoe's Chilli
Mark's Gnocchi
Chicken + Corn Soup
Lesley's Lasagne
And who could forget Briar's Corn ; )

Our most recent feast was greek inspired, with dolmades and all. This meal is the perfect answer to feeding the masses, minus the fuss. Below is a slightly fussier recipe to the more simple lamb pictured above, but I'd say the extra fuss (potatoes and olives) is worth it:

Greek-Style Slow Roasted Lamb

2kg shoulder of lamb
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons sea salt flakes
4 garlic cloves, thickly sliced
12 oregano sprigs
375ml chicken stock
125ml dry white wine
2 red onions, quartered
12 kipfler potatoes, halved lengthways
2 lemons, quartered
1 cup kalamata olives

1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Place the lamb in a large roasting pan. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt. Use a small, sharp knife to cut small slits, about 2cm deep, over the surface of the lamb. Place a slice of garlic and oregano sprig in each slit. Drizzle the chicken stock and wine around the lamb and cover with foil. Cook in preheated oven for 1 hour. 

2. Remove from the oven and spoon pan juices over the lamb. Arrange the onion, potato, lemon and olives around the lamb. Cover with foil and roast for a further hour. Remove the foil and roast for a further 30 minutes or until lamb is golden brown and very tender. Remove from oven. Cover with foil and set aside for 15 minutes to rest. 

3. Thickly slice the lamb and arrange on serving plates with onion, potato and olives and drizzle with pan juices. Serve immediately.

Serve with warm crusty bread and a simple greek salad. As Sunny would say, 'Yummo!!!'


Peeky Me

I'm going to categorise Peeky Me in to a business idea I wish I'd thought of. What's it all about? A beautifully packaged box is delivered to your door each month (subscribe for a month, or a year) with the materials and instructions to 'discover, explore + create' with your little one, ie. Craft to your hearts content with everything you need in one box. No need to trawl the internet for instructions, or the huge aisles at Spotlight - only to waste 50% of the materials you don't use. I seriously think it's a genius idea for the time-poor or non-crafty parent...or a cute gift for that crafty small person in your life.

Clever party packs are also available - check out the affordable range on the website. As you can imagine, the Princess Party pack was a hit with Sunny - we decorated the crown together, as stickers are her favourite thing in the world at the moment (apart from her scooter). 


Dumyé - Dolls with Purpose

We have just returned from a lovely three nights visiting my sister in Mudgee. The most exciting attraction was non stop cuddles with my gorgeous new niece, Clementine. Sunday was enamoured by her baby cousin too (although she did have a funny little regression to wanting to be a newborn baby again, needing 'cuggles' just like her cousin). 

Baby Clementine has a nursery one can only dream about, and I will share a full room tour on here shortly. For now, I wanted to tell you about the lovely story behind the sweet doll my sister recently purchased. 

Dumyé make personalised (you choose the hairstyle, skin and eye colour) 'dolls with purpose'. For every doll purchased they gift an orphan in need and allow them to make a doll of their own through an art workshop. "So not only does a special child in your life receive a meaningful gift to laugh with, play with, dream with but an orphan does as well. Now that is what we call Karmic Goodness". 

I just love the concept, and felt compelled to tell you all about it - they would make a lovely  gift idea for a little person in your life. 

I hope you are all having a great week!

Briar x

PS. The very sweet handmade dolls cot is from gorgeous store Smallstuff.


Kid's Bed Linen

I've been decorating a few kids bedrooms lately, and have been recommending a healthy amount of the budget goes towards lovely bedding. Children's beds don't have to be plastered in Disney and hot pink fairy princesses...there is a big range of fun (yet sophisticated) options out there. 

I thought I would share a few of my favourites:

1. Send your little person to bed and transform them in to an astronaut! This clever concept set is from Snurk, available at Kido 2. Everything Rachel Castle creates is perfection in my eyes, and I love the simplicity of her pegboard quilt cover 3. Half of the kids on Instagram are rocking the very cute range of clothing from Mini Rodini lately, and their Home Collection is just as cute 4. A king single throw from Pony Rider could work as a great quilt on a single bed, and I love the simplicity of the My Spot 5. I mentioned Country Road in my last post, and I really think their kids bed linen range is very cute (and nice quality) 6. A perfect option for the girly girl who loves pink is at Adairs 7. A little bit 80's, but the bright scribbles set from Kip & Co is lots of fun for a pop of colour 8. I want this for my bed! The serene By Nord wildlife series is just gorgeous 9. Ferm Living do some great things for kids, and this whimsical design is a stand out for me 10. I love the graphic nature of this 'eye vision' set from Rafa Kids, which is available in lavender too 11. I visited the new Citta Design in Surry Hills last month, and fell in love with some of their table lamps - I was also drawn to their very lovely bed linen range 12. I know this design from Kip & Co won't be for everyone, but what can I say - I just love budgies.

Sweet dreams kids!

Briar x


Six Things

1. It's safe to say Sunday had the best day of her life on Saturday. The newly two year old woke up on her birthday to a pile of presents and a babycino - followed by a morning visit to Taronga Zoo - where she delighted in seeing the lions, the seal show (although she informed us they were actually whales) and the 'big gee-rarfs'. 

2. The excitement levels peaked after her midday nap when she woke up to a handful of family members, balloons and a swimming pool cake. I took a modern twist to the traditional Women's Weekly concept, and the jelly was a huge hit. It was completely delightful to see the day through Sunday's eyes...she was simply in heaven. I made sure her shiny new scooter was outside her bedroom on Sunday morning, and sure enough - she was excited all over again. Oh, to be two.

3. I'm yet to try my new shampoo and conditioner from Davines Hair Care, but my hairdresser informs me its good - and I couldn't resist the simple but gorgeous packaging. It kind of makes me want to try and eat it (it smells delicious too). 

4. Eating with The Chefs is a new cookbook getting some air time in our kitchen - it documents the daily (simple) meals shared by chefs and staff before and after hours at eighteen top restaurants including Noma, Le Chateaubriand and The French Laundry. It's beautifully designed with gorgeous photography - and I just love the general concept of the book. 

5. The home wares from Country Road just seem to be getting better with every season, and I purchased a candle and cloud pillowcases for my sister's birthday gift recently (although I was tempted by so much more). 

6. The range from Aura by Tracie Ellis has also been on my radar. Our lounge room has been given a little facelift for Winter with some new cushions (I'm particularly loving the Big Spot), and the reversible Diamond throw in Charcoal. I've also got my eye on the fun Big Spot Rug in Bright Yellow.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Briar x


Sunday's Gift Guide - 2nd Birthday

A new favourite past time is fast becoming shopping for my girl. Sunday turns two this weekend (it's true what everyone says, your kids really do grow in the blink of the eye), so I've been picking up some fun little presents along the way. 

Sunday is starting to understand the concept of a 'celebration', which will make giving these presents to her even more exciting. Along with what is pictured above, the two year old will be opening a very pink scooter and baby blue helmet on Saturday morning....but something tells me the pink 'F-mam-in-go'will be the real hit. She just loves those pink birds. 

The flamingo, book and yellow cupie doll are from Pulp Creative Paper, the kitty bag and beanie are from Seed, the heart sunnies and memory game are from super cute kids store My Messy Room, and the high top sneakers are from Adidas. I picked up the duck watering can for a $4.00 steal from Bunnings

Sunday, if you ever read this blog when you are a big girl - no gift I can ever buy you will match the gift you have given me. You! Love you, my baby girl.

Briar x


{ DIY } Timber Dolls

I was walking the aisles of Bunnings last week a little slower than usual (Sunday had found a mini trolley and was in heaven), when she picked up a timber furniture leg from one of the shelves. It occurred to me as we were standing there that the forms could actually be turned in to timber dolls. I was close to not sharing the project on here (after one of my sisters was less than impressed with my creations), but I'm not professing to be a toy maker -  it's just a fun little project that may interest some kids (or big kids) out there. The most important thing - Sunday loves her quirky little shelf friends!

Buy the timber leg fittings and spray paint from any big hardware store. I raided my good old craft cupboard for felt, ribbons, stickers and feathers - all available from Spotlight or Lincraft. The faces on the dolls were made using my Sharpie pen.

Briar x


Decorating to sell

I really enjoyed bringing the bare walls and floors to life in our flat last week - styled and ready for the real estate market. It was in desperate need of a mini makeover after renting it out to tenants for the past three years, and I approached the project with a similar plan to setting up a film or television set. It was all about extensive list making - what I had to buy, what I had to borrow from our own home, and what I had to hire (i.e pretty much all the furniture). I drew out rough floor plans and turned removalist for a few days, armed with an iron for the pile of bedding, a bag of 3M hooks for the art, and lots of props to detract from the less than perfect features of the flat. Luckily - It all went to plan, the agent was happy with the 'warm and inviting' transformation and he sold our flat within 10 hours of it going to market...we obviously couldn't be happier.

I hope you are all having a good week, I'm off to pop some bubbly!

Briar x


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